Personalized Nutrition is a Fundamental Shift and a Reality

It is a fact that we have officially entered a new age.  As new advances in science continue to pour out it seams that we have had a fundamental shift in how we make personal product choices.  Personalized nutrition is taking the place vitamin and supplement stores as people are finding out that these customized  nutrition supplements are affordable and made directly to their own specific needs.  They take all the guess work out of buying nutritional products.  Pre-made or bottled supplements and vitamins are not specific to a persons exact needs and never have been.  In fact, the companies that produce these “one size fits all” products are very happy to know that there product will positively impact 33% of the people that buy it.  That gives them enough positive public relations to continue selling it.  When you break it all down and look,  you realize that our daily allowances of vitamins and minerals are all based off of 1940’s studies.  There has been so much progress and cutting edge technology since then, but our FDA continues to base everything on out dated information.  Personalized Nutrition 

Personalized nutrition has been made possible through the research related to the human genome project.  Breaking the human genome has lead scientists on a vast journey of discovery about the human body.  They have found out that over 99% of our DNA is identical to everyone on earth.  It is the .7% or so that makes all the difference.  In this small percentage of genes, everything from predispositions to diseases to mental health to your well being.  A group of scientists have been able to identify 12 different gene SNP’s that are all responsible for these attributes we all were born with.  They can find the strength of your genes as well as many of the predispositions that could cause serious health problems later in life.

Through many years of additional research they have found targeted nutrition can have dramatic influences in supporting the weaknesses in your genes.  Since nothing can change a persons DNA and it is the same when you are born as when you die, support is the solution.  If the weak areas of your DNA are properly supported your genes have the best opportunity to replicate themselves correctly, reducing the chances for mutated genes.  This is where personalized nutrition has become the fundamental shift  in our best health futures.

Here is how it works.  A person takes a cotton swab and swirls it in their inner cheek grabbing a few skin cells.  It is then sent to a lab where the DNA is lifted off that swab.  The scientists then go and analize those 12 specific gene SNP’s and find their strengths and weaknesses.  They then formulate a complete personalized nutrition supplement system specifically for that DNA.  This way if you need really high amounts of one vitamin they can supplement at whatever level is necessary.  The really cool thing about this process is that they are not simply playing with vitamins.  They use living and whole foods in stable concentrated forms.  It is truly unbelievable when you stop and think about it.

Personalized nutrition is a fundamental shift and a reality.  But here is one thing you may not know.  It is very affordable.  The company that has designed this entire science and is light years ahead of all the others scrambling to catch up has made sure that everyone can get this personalized nutrition.  They even are so committed to the health of everyone they even came up with a way each person can earn their product for free every month by referring 4 people to it.  As long as those 4 people continue to take their nutrition it stays free.  Of coarse they too will want to earn theirs for free, so on it goes.  This makes it a no brainer for everyone that is interested in staying healthy and doing what is best for their body.

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